“I am privileged to call James Schor a dear friend of more than 20 years. Sports, particularly tennis, was the initial foundation of our friendship. But I learned, quickly, that James is a terrific listener. He has a thoughtful and compassionate ear. He hears you before speaking and consistently offers sound, even-handed counsel. He never instructs or demands that you follow a path, but is more prone to gently guide you and let you find your own road map; One, you invariably find quite comfortable. Even today, as I’m married with 3 children, James is a wonderful source of support and guidance.” – JON FRANKEL, Correspondent HBO’s REAL SPORTS

“James Schor is a world-class coach. I’ve experienced many coaches and few have the presence, skill, and ability to facilitate transformation like James. He has coached me through several major life transitions and helped me make clear decisions with conviction through uncertain times. In short, I’m a better man, a more effective person, and more in-tune with myself because of my work with James. I can’t recommend him enough. If you have the opportunity to work with him – take it!” – JASON AMOROSO, Former Attorney for the LA Dodgers; Executive Coach

“Working with James Schor has had a profound deep impact in my life. First, his listening skills are profound. As an example, he has the ability to bring up just a few key words that will allow for me to shift my perspective and this allows me to set a course of action that I know will lead to great results. Second, he has a rich knowledge in how to facilitate growth and learning. He does not come from a place of judgment; just what is present so there is no need to rehash issues that will not move the coaching forward. Lastly, James made a choice to be in service of others to create a space for personal change with the people he works with. This is why I choose to work with James. He does not put himself first but his clients. At my most challenging times he assisted me to open up, express my feelings and they were held with compassion and love. I am always learning when I work with him and he continues to learn more about how he can best serve his clients. He is a coach of all coaches.” -JONATHAN HOLIDAY, Senior VP Asset Management Company

“When James and I first spoke about him working with me I was resigned to the fact that I was stuck in the life I had created, bad marriage, problems with my kids, my job just paid the bills. I never imagined in my farthest-reaching hopes that I could live the life I now have. James offered the tools and support that provided a life changing transformation. I have richer deeper relationships with my family, am thriving at work and greet each day with a joy and confidence I had forgotten I was capable of. I have no idea how I could have gotten here without his help. I will forever be thankful.” – BRUCE LIPKA, Director of Tennis

“James Schor is one of the most talented, intuitive, highly trained men I’ve had the pleasure and honor to work with. His coaching and counseling skills, coupled with a warm, empathetic personality, will serve and enhance the life of anyone with whom he comes into contact (both personally and professionally). I’ve witnessed the positive transitions that James has navigated in his own life, and his personal experiences make him ideal to assist others through their own life and career changes. He understands the curve balls that life can throw and has the compassion, knowledge, and emotional intelligence to turn them into successful transitions in the lives of his clients.

Bottom line–he’s a good man and I’m glad to know him.” -JOHN LEE, Psychotherapist and Best-selling Author

“I worked with James Schor when I was going through a transition in life, where my world was totally shaken and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through it. With his support, understanding and ability to see behind the issue and shed clarity and light, I am now happier than ever before and in a much better place, looking forward to each day. James creates an environment where I never felt wrong, judged or criticized, and because of that, I was able to heal from things that have happened in the past and see new possibilities that I never saw before. Thank you James!” – CYNTHIA WALDRUP, Retired Professional Dancer; Consultant

“Having worked with James for just a short time the benefits have been immediate, and profound. His innate sense of what questions to ask and what to say comes so naturally you find yourself wondering why you haven’t thought of these things all along… which is the point. You need someone like James to access this deeper part of you and bring to light the hidden answers… answers that when they appear feel so real, you never have to question you are on the right path. Caring and compassionate, his work is performed in an environment that feels safe and natural, as if conversing with an old friend. Everyone should be fortunate enough to have the chance to work with a world-class life coach such as James Schor.” – JEFF MICHAELS, Musician & Author

“I have known James for several years and have gone through some big transitions in that time – including divorce and raising a daughter as a single mom. He has counseled me with compassion, intelligence, understanding and, at times, great humor. I couldn’t ask for a better advisor or friend. James never leads me to a conclusion or a thought process, but rather he is patient and he waits … so you have to keep going! And he doesn’t just listen, he hears. There is a difference, and I have found it to be profound.”– MEGAN DERRY, Photographer & Mom