Be-who-you-are-and-say“How do coaching sessions generally work?”

Generally sessions last an hour and are conducted via Skype, phone or in person; we will tailor your sessions to fit your needs. Be sure to ask about package rates.

“What are the end results?”

– You grow personally.

– You achieve a specific goal or set of goals.

– You learn how to set your intentions.

– You learn proven techniques to remove mental/emotional blocks (which have kept you from having exactly what you want in every aspect of your life).

– You have a new set of tools to carry you forward.

– You increase clarity and gain perspective.

– You get in touch with your heart’s desire – the thing that really excites you.

– You have greater capacity to tap into your creativity and resourcefulness.

– You improve your current relationship or create the love relationship you want.

– You feel less stressed.

– You have greater access to your inner-knowing.

– You are a better leader and better communicator.

– You make clearer, more effective decisions.

– You improve your overall health, well-being and happiness.

“What can you expect when you work with me?”

We will have an initial (no fee) consultation and we discuss what you are looking for OR if you don’t know, we will discuss the exact process for finding the answer. We work on a package basis, workshop basis or time period basis.

“What are your qualifications?”

Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Graduate of The Soul-Centered Coaching Program from The Garden Company, B.S. in Business University of Maryland, Former Professional Athlete, Business & Life Coach Since 2005, and World Traveler.

“How do I know if business or life coaching is right for me?”

If you are feeling unfulfilled or unhappy in either your personal or professional life, then you will benefit from coaching.

If you are feeling stuck, or if there is a specific goal you want to reach and would like support, then coaching is right for you.

If you are an executive and find yourself in an environment where you require unbiased feedback, or want a confidential, professional, impartial perspective; if you want someone to bounce ideas off or collaborate with in working through an issue, coaching can assist.

If you have a problem that you haven’t quite figured out how to resolve; if you want to improve or change your relationship (or lack thereof), coaching can assist.

If you want to create any kind of change or if you are facing any kind of transition, coaching will support you in achieving your goals.