1822265I believe that we all have the answers to our own questions inside of us, but we have forgotten how to access them. Due to a lifetime of self-protection (hiding/stuffing feelings), we have blocked the access to our inner knowing. My role as a coach is to help you remember how to access your inner knowing by assisting you to remove those blocks. I do this in an atmosphere of uncompromising safety, support and encouragement. I also believe in listening with my heart, as well as my ears to what is being said…and not said. I will ask you questions, so that I can understand you. I will help you create the life you always wanted. I see coaching and life much the same way: as an adventure for growth and learning.

Together we will co-create your plan using concrete processes and tools to move you toward your goals.  The plan will include specific timelines and mileposts to quantify your progress, as well as proven techniques to move you when you feel stuck.  Make no mistake, I will hold you accountable to achieve what you set out to achieve, and I will, at the same time, be your biggest cheerleader along the way.  What I will not do is shame, coerce, berate or punish you.  In our work together, we will design a new belief system that is customized to your own development. Together, we will seek and discover and put into practice the dynamic process that can actually set you free.